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BellaDonna Herbs

Mortar & Pestles, Crystal Balls, Statuettes, & More

Hi, I am Charlene Williams, founder of BellaDonna Herbs. For over 17 years, I have been selling herbs, spices, and essential oils that are organic and fair traded to give my customers nothing but the best in the market.

I take pride in offering products that follow rigorous quality standards so that you can feel confident while using my products for your health and well-being.

BellaDonna Herbs
BellaDonna Herbs
BellaDonna Herbs

Traditional Supplies

I have mortars and pestles ~ dropper bottles ~ glass jars for salves ~ spray bottles ~ and tea balls, if you'd like to make your own tinctures ~ salves ~ room sprays ~ and other products for your personal use.

Elevate Your Mind

Are you looking to add a spiritual element for your living space? I have the perfect item for you. Whether you are looking for quartz crystals, goddess statuettes, wall hangings, or singing bowls, I offer a wide range of spiritual items that can serve as the best gift for all occasions. I also provide consultation on my products to guide you on how to make the best use of them and elevate your mind and energy.

BellaDonna Herbs